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KbdEdit features a sophisticated multiple level Undo/Redo capability. If you are not satisfied with modifications you have made, or if you have made a change by mistake, you can use "Undo" to gradually come back to an earlier "untouched" state, and resume from there. Undo/Redo proves to be extremely useful in layout editing: it encourages incremental improvement through trial and error until an optimal solution is found.

Undo/Redo remains accessible in all KbdEdit views (High Level / Low Level / Dead Char / Preview). The chain of modifications is unique, and is preserved while you switch from one view to another. It can be traversed back and forth by an arbitrary number of steps - the only limit to the depth of KbdEdit's "undo buffer" is the amount of memory available to Windows.

To undo the last change, use "Edit" menu's "Undo" command. The same effect is achieved through the "Undo" button on the main toolbar. Conversely, "Redo" command from the same menu/toolbar re-executes a previously undone modification.

KbdEdit menu undo redo KbdEdit toolbar undo redo

Undo/Redo menu items and toolbar buttons provide a very important information: a detailed description of the command to be undone/redone. For example, if you have used Low Level editor to assign VK_RCONTROL to a key that was previously mapped to VK_APPS, Undo item will read something like:

Undo Assign VK_RCONTROL ( RCtrl ) to VK_APPS ( Apps )

This same information will be shown in the Undo toolbar button's tooltip. If you now undo this modification, it will become available for Redo, whose description will turn to:

Redo Assign VK_RCONTROL ( RCtrl ) to VK_APPS ( Apps )


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