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Character Magnifier

The Character Magnifier window is a very useful element of KbdEdit's GUI which is present in all views which involve editing of Unicode characters. Currently it appears on four views: High level, Dead char editor, Preview and Ligature editor; its standard position is in the upper right corner of the host view.

KbdEdit current character magnifier

Whenever the mouse is moved over an area containing a Unicode character definition, the character magnifier shows a full-sized detailed view of the character under the mouse. The information area under the magnified character displays additional information: character's 4-digit Unicode value, and its descriptive name (if available).

The "area containing a Unicode character definition" covers several distinct UI elements on various views, which all update the magnifier view when moved over by a mouse:

Clipboard support

The text displayed in the magnifier can be copied to the clipboard via the right-click popup menu:

KbdEdit current character magnifier clipboard copy

When the magnifier has keyboard focus, the "Copy" command is also available via other standard methods, ie the "Edit" menu, main toolbar, and the Ctrl+C keyboard shortcut.

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