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Demo version

A free Demo version of KbdEdit is available for download:

Intel 64-bit (x64) : KbdEditDemoX64.exe Most modern Windows computers need this version.
Intel 32-bit (x86) : KbdEditDemo.exe For older computers, typically with less than 4GB of RAM.
ARM 64-bit (arm64) : KbdEditDemoARM64.exe For ARM64-based computers, such as Surface Pro X, or "Apple silicon" M1 Macs running Windows.
all platforms : KbdEditDemo.zip  

Important: demo exe must be started from an account with Administrator privileges; see installation for information on UAC restrictions

See Release notes for information on the current version.

See Windows 10 SmartScreen warnings if you get a "Windows protected your PC" warning when attempting to launch the demo.

The demo will give you a good impression of what the fully functional versions looks like, and will even provide certain limited functionality.

Which features are enabled in Demo version?


Features not accessible in Demo version

  • Changes to DLL layout files cannot be saved (command Save is not functional).

  • New layouts cannot be created (Save As dialog can be opened, but cannot be exited with OK).

  • Consequently, the KBE and KLC Import features are only partially functional: you can open a KBE or KLC file in the editor, but you cannot create an actual layout DLL file.

  • Sticker maps cannot be printed.

  • DLL layout files cannot be registered with the system (Register Layout DLL File dialog can be opened, but cannot be exited with OK).

  • Custom layouts registered with the system cannot be deleted (Delete keyboard layout dialog can be opened, but cannot be exited with OK).

  • Important: Demo version-generated KBE files containing low-level or dead char table modifications cannot be imported into the Lite edition.

  • Important: Player edition cannot deploy demo version-generated KBE files - they must be run through the Personal or Lite version first.

Essentially, the presence of restricted KBE Export / Import features makes it possible to use the Demo version to design, test, save and retrieve your custom layouts. The "DLL file save" functionality being absent, a Personal or Lite edition is still needed to deploy them.

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