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The New command is accessed through the File | New menu item, or through the button (New) on the main toolbar.

This command can be used at any moment to close whichever layout is currently active, and revert back to the initial "Untitled" layout, which defaults to the standard "US English" layout. Before closing, you will be warned of any unsaved changes in the current layout.

It is important noting that the "Untitled" layout is not bound to the system standard "US English" layout (KLID 00000409), even though they have identical mappings. "Untitled" layout is not backed by any physical layout DLL, has no KLID to identify it, and is not bound to any input locale. "Untitled" is turned into an actual layout only if you decide to Save it - the ensuing Save As dialog enables you to define the attributes of the newly created layout.

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