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Right-click key popup menu

The right-click key popup menu provides a handy shortcut to the most common operations in the High-level editor. It can be brought up in two ways:

KbdEdit current key popup menu KbdEdit current key popup menu

The menu provides three options:

Context-sensitive hints

If the "Popup hints" setting in the Options dialog is enabled, the popup menu can contain additional context sensitive hints. The hints are shortcuts for quickly assigning character(s) which make most sense for the given key/position. Currently, KbdEdit genrates only lower/upper case equivalent hints, but in the future additional criteria might be used.

KbdEdit popup hint Uppercase equivalent KbdEdit popup hint upper / lower case equivalents

In the first example, '' Latin Capital Ligature Oe is suggested for Shift+AltGr because the lower-case version is already mapped to the AltGr position.

In the second example, two hints are suggested for the Shift (caps off) position of a key with separate mapping for Caps-lock:

  • 'И' Cyrillic Capital Letter I because the base position contains the lower-case version и.
  • 'i' Latin Small Letter I because the Shift (caps on) position contains the upper-case version I.

Clipboard operations

The popup menu also contains the standard Cut/Copy/Paste clipboard operations.

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