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Key mapping editor popup dialog

Feature available in Premium, Personal and Lite editions (not available in Player edition).

The Key mapping dialog gives you a complete control over a key’s mapping. With it you can precisely specify the aspects that could not be defined unambiguously with drag-drop.

Mapping editor dialog can be opened in several ways:

  • Clicking the small “…” button next to a field in the current key mapping zone.
  • Double-clicking a field in the same zone – a simpler but less obvious alternative.
  • Double-clicking an mappable key on the keyboard display.
  • Choosing “Edit…” in the right-mouse popup menu shown for an editable key or a “current key” field.
KbdEdit key Unicode mapping popup dialog KbdEdit key Unicode mapping popup dialog dead key

The dialog that opens up enables “fine-tuning” of a mapping through the following options:

  • “Empty” is the simplest mapping that produces no characters when the key is pressed. Layouts usually have no “empty” mappings for “base” and SHIFT modifier combinations, but they are common for less frequently used combinations like CTRL and ALTGR, which usually affect only a limited subset of editable keys.
  • “Normal” mapping produces a single character. The dialog allows you to define it by entering a Unicode code point as four hexadecimal digits.
    For cases where the numeric code is not known in advance, the small "..." button next to the edit box invokes the Unicode Search dialog, which enables locating the desired character by searching on its name.
  • “Ligature” is a sequence of characters generated when a key with ligature mapping is pressed. Clicking the small “…” button that appears if “Ligature” is selected opens up the special Ligature editor dialog where this sequence can be defined.
  • “Dead key” button defines a "dead key" mapping. The desired dead character can be chosen from the drop down list, which contains all dead characters defined in the Dead characters editor.

When defining a dead key mapping, note that you are not limited to the choice of pre-existing dead characters only. When switching to the Dead key mapping, if the previously active Normal mapping does not exist as a dead character, it will appear in the list with the designation [new] next to it. If you choose this entry, the new dead character will be created "on the fly", without having to take your attention away from the High level editor.

Entering a mapping via keyboard

The desired mapped character can be also edited using the keyboard. This is handy if you want to assign a standard letter supported by your currently active keyboard layout - in that case, entry via keyboard can be easier than providing the numeric Unicode codepoint or using drag/drop.

When the Dead key button is active, the character entered via the keyboard becomes a dead mapping, offering to create a [new] dead character if necessary.

Clipboard operations

The dialog supports standard Cut/Copy/Paste clipboard operations. Thy are available through the right-click popup menu on the static widget displaying the current mapping's preview:

KbdEdit key Unicode mapping popup dialog Clipboard

When the widget has keyboard focus, clipboard operations are also available via the standard Ctrl+X/C/V shortcuts.

Automatic mapping of upper/lower case equivlaents

If Auto-map upper-lower case setting is enabled, whenever you map a "Normal" lower-case letter to a non-Shift position, KbdEdit will automatically map its upper-case equivalent to the equivalent Shift position, and vice-versa. E.g. if you assign 'è' to AltGr+VK_KEY_E, upper-case equivalent 'È' will be automatically mapped to Shift+AltGr+VK_KEY_E (provided no characters are already mapped to it - see also Overwrite non-empty mappings).

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