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Import dead char table from layout dialog

Feature available only in Premium and Personal editions.

The "Import dead char table from layout" dialog is accessed through a button with the same name in the Dead Character Editor.

When defining a new keyboard layout, it is sometimes necessary to "borrow" a dead table from another layout. For instance, you might need to combine high / low level mappings from one layout with a dead character table from another one.

The "Import dead char table from layout" feature allows you to automate this task and avoid having to manually recreate, one by one, all dead characters and transformation pairs from the source table. Note that the same effect can be achieved by exporting the source dead table to a text file, and importing it into the target layout, but the "import from layout" dialog avoids the creation of the intermediate KLD file.

KbdEdit dialog Import dead character key table from another keyboard layout

The upper part of the dialog contains a list of all layouts installed on the system (functionally and visually identical to the list found in Open keyboard layout dialog). In this list you choose the layout to import the dead char table from.

The radio buttons in the lower part define how the imported dead table is combined with the dead table that might already be present in the current layout: See "Import dead char table options" dialog for details.

When the desired layout has been selected in the list, and the combining method is selected through the radio buttons, clicking Import will import the selected layout's dead table into the current layout. The same effect is achieved by double-clicking a layout in the layout list.

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