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KbdEdit Premium 40  (cca 44.0USD)
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KbdEdit Personal 15  (cca 16.5USD)
KbdEdit Lite 9  (cca 10.0USD)
KbdEdit Player 3  (cca   3.3USD)

See Editions page for details on Premium, Personal, Lite and Player versions.

See Release notes for information on the current version.


Information on how to collect your installation package is sent by email - please make sure you provide a valid email address in the order form.

If you use spam-filtering software, please ensure that address scrambled email: domain 'kbdedit.com', username 'order' is not blocked, as well as addresses originating from @intl.paypal.com.

In spite of our best efforts, e-mail communication is not always 100% reliable. If 48 hours have passed following your order, and you still haven't received your copy of KbdEdit, please contact the author directly at scrambled email: domain 'kbdedit.com', username 'info'.


If you are an existing KbdEdit Personal or Premium customer and would like to:

please contact the author at scrambled email: domain 'kbdedit.com', username 'info'.

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